Privacy Policy

We at One Minute Loans want to constantly assure borrowers that we have their best interest in mind.

So we go all out to really safe guard the details that are handed to us during the course of application or simply browsing through. The safety and privacy practices that we follow are amongst the best in the industry today.

Your information is very safe here with us at One Minute Loans and we have a dedicated team that works round the clock to ensure this.

Please ensure that you are going through this privacy statement carefully and only then go ahead and browse through the website

We collect information necessary to get your loans approved, processed and transferred with your consent. These details are shared only with the lender and no one else.

We also let you give us the go ahead before we can go ahead and process your information over to the lender for transferring cash. When you apply for Same Day Quick Loans all the steps involved from the beginning till the end we ensure that information is treated with caution and stored securely.

All information provided to us when you apply for same day quick loans remains with us in an encrypted manner.

We use log files to track your visit and also the interest that you express on our website.

The information that is collected in the log files shall contain internet protocol addresses, Internet Service Provider, the browser type, the date and time stamp, the pages that are referred to and also the exit pages, number of clicks and more.

We tend to make use of cookies so that we can store information like personal preferences expressed during the website visit. You just have to look through details on this popup that comes up only once during your visit and either enable or disable this.

You should know that enabling it shall give you access to many of our features. On the other hand disabling it shall limit the access that you have. If you would like to disable the cookies then the browser settings is where you should be headed.