Frequently Asked Questions(Faqs)

What is the amount I will be approved for if I do apply for one through One Minute Loans?

By applying through us here at One Minute Loans the funds are going to be disbursed to you as a loan shall be decided by taking into account two factors.

The amount approved depends upon the requirement that you want to be covered and also your earning capacity.

Can I still apply or qualify for >same day quick loans if I have poor credit history?

Yes you can still apply for a loan through us with a low credit score.

What is the significance of credit score if I seek cash assistance through you?

Though we do not need your credit profile or score as part of the process, few of the lenders on our panel may ask for it to screen your application.

Will timely repayment of the loan that I borrow help me in any way?

You can do your best to repay Same Day Quick Loans on time as that will lead to your credit score improving. This is perfect as your chances for a loan later on will only get better.

Is there any sort of restrictions rule book on how I use the borrowed amount?

No, there are no such restrictions from our end or the lender's when it comes to loan money usage. Once you have gained the borrowed money in your bank account, you are very free to spend it for whatever you please.

What are the documents that shall be required by you during application or later?

Through our lenders we can get loans approved for you with an added advantage of no faxing at all. We will also do not ask you for physical documents at all. So, you can simply take these funds from our lenders without faxing even a single paper.

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